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12 days ago
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Don't be scared, be greedy.

Hedera had an amazing year on a fundamental level: TVL stacking, running the fastest DEX in the world, amazing long term strategic partnerships, first GC member usecase went live (LG Art lab), useful HIPs and tools are implemented fast and without problems, GC members started to openly support Hedera development (Google, FIS, LG), projects migrating from other networks to Hedera, pioneering CBDC development (ANZ Bank, EMTECH), present at almost every web3/tech/DLT convention, some CG members started working together on shared usecases (DLA Piper & ServiceNow), AAA game intergration, development of unique projects like DeRec etc. the list goes on...

We're in a bearmarket, it's not the end, just an amazing opportunity.

Stop saying Hedera isn't doing anything bc PA scares you.
They did an amazing job this year...

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