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Citizen walk
I created this video to document and share different places in BARCELONA a perfect place for a good vacation. This is a walk in Puerto Olímpico Barcelona to Playa de la Barceloneta to Sant Miquel to Playa de San Sebastián to beach Hotel W Barcelona
Weather 90°F - 33°C
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🇪🇸 BARCELONA Beach REALITY SHOW Spain 4k VIDEO Travel vlogger 🇪🇸
🇪🇸 Barcelona Beach Walk at Platja de Les Barques Montgat 🇪🇸
Barceloneta one of the best beach of the world
Caminando por Playa mas famosa de Barcelona 🏖️ La Barceloneta
Share, relax and enjoy this reality tv travel video in Barcelona - Sant Miquel Beach Join me to walk through the beautiful beaches of the most vibrant city.
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Perfect to travel, Tourism in Barcelona, Spain
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