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With a great deal of focus on blockchain, one would imagine that cryptocurrencies cannot be built without this platform. The question that we need to begin asking ourselves, however, is what if there is an alternative? Angie Lau, Editor-in-Chief of Forkast.News, sits down with Mance Harmon, Founder of Hedera Hashgraph, to dive into the details. #hbar 

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Full story:

Watch Part I: Mance Harmon | Why Hashgraph is the Alternative to Blockchain (
Watch Part II: Mance Harmon | The Advantages of Not Being Open-Source (
Watch Part III: Mance Harmon | How Hedera Hashgraph Plans to Deploy $100M (
Watch Part IV: Mance Harmon | How the U.S.-China Trade War Impacted Hedera (
Watch Part V: Mance Harmon | When Do We Expect to See Real-World Solutions? (
Watch Part VI: Mance Harmon | Will There Be One Winner? (
Watch the Full Interview: In Conversation with Mance Harmon (


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Angie Lau, is Editor-in-Chief, CEO and founder of Forkast.News. She is an award-winning veteran journalist who interviews newsmakers, CEOs, and icons, including the exclusive with Li Ka-shing — his first television one-on-one in more than a decade. Angie is a respected thought leader in blockchain technology, having been featured in Vogue Hong Kong’s May, 2019 issue: “Power of Next” for her leadership in media covering blockchain for a global audience. Angie speaks at conferences around the world, including the Forbes Summit, Binance Blockchain Week, Paris Blockchain Week Summit, Asia Blockchain Summit, and many others.

Before founding Forkast in July 2018, Angie anchored Bloomberg TV’s flagship morning show “First Up with Angie Lau” broadcast globally into 350 million homes, offices and trading floors. Angie’s TED Talk “I Am Not Supposed to Be Here” is now a TED Ed Lesson for its global audience of 6.7 million followers.

Forkast.News is a digital media platform covering all things blockchain, DLT, and crypto in a way that anyone can understand. At Forkast.News, we are pioneering a better idea of doing journalism and applying technology that will improve our abilities to serve our audience through our digital media platform. We bridge the gap between the blockchain industry and the mainstream.

The Forkast.News editorial team is made up of both veteran award-winning journalists and blockchain industry experts from every vertical: legal, financial, trading, tech, developers, coders, industry veterans, business, economy, and more.

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